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What is Know Your Energy Numbers?

Know Your Energy Numbers (KYEN) is a suite of programs designed by researchers at Stanford University and Oregon State University to engage young people and families in learning about their household energy use and making changes to save energy.

Read more about our programs below.

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Know Your Energy Numbers

We are currently working with young people and families in Fremont, California, as part of our Smart & Connected Kids for Sustainable Energy Communities grant from the National Science Foundation.

Want to get involved? Join one of three research projects:

Student and poster
For Families

Energy Data Mapping

Fremont families with at least one child aged 9-14 are invited to participate in a five-week research project. Participants install a device in their home to stream real-time energy data, journal about activities that use energy in the home, and observe their energy consumption in real time. ON HIATUS DUE TO COVID

Students and laptop
For Students

Energy Data Visualization

Fremont junior high and high school students are invited to participate in this online course where they will work with their household's own electricity data to learn how to visualize data, save energy and present results using Tableau, a software tool designed to help people see and understand data.

Girl Scouts
For Girl Scouts


Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE) is a joint effort between Stanford University and the Girl Scouts of Northern California to teach Girl Scouts and their families about energy conservation. Materials to implement GLEE in your own troop are available to troops in any state!

Listen to some of our students discuss their work with KYEN:

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If you would like to learn more about any of our programs, please contact Dr. June Flora and our team at:

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